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December 2014
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2014 Team Canada


AIDA Canada is proud to introduce the following athletes as the members of Team Canada for the 2014 Team World Championships (Sardinia, Italy – September 16-27). They are (in alphabetical order):

Natalie Doduc
Anne-Louise Fortin

Ian Blok
William Winram

For more information on selection, please visit the National Team Selection page for more details.

Team Canada welcomes your support. All donations will help offset the travel and competition costs.

Team Canada Selection

A few spots are still open, selection has been extended to April 29 !

Click here for more information

Happy Birthday AIDA Canada !

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday AIDA Canada!

January 1st, 2014 marks the 5th year of AIDA Canada as a new expression of the Canadian freediving community.

AIDA Canada logo

Prepare for an exciting new year ! Do browse our forums which will give you access to the AIDA Canada community, full of ideas and initiatives. Do you feel like putting a lot of fun in your freediving ? You are in the right place.

With this new year comes a new opportunity to represent Canada at international competitions, including the team world championships which will take place in Sardinia, Italy. Are you itching to know where your 2013 performances placed you on the national ranking list ? Perhaps you will want to apply for a spot on the national team. Do take the time to learn about the selection criteria.

And for those of you who would like to promote the sport of apnea, we welcome all forms of support (volunteering, donations, sponsoring, etc).

AIDA Canada is the Canadian national representation of the international federation of AIDA (Association internationale pour le développement de l’apnée). AIDA Canada governs the competitive sport of freediving in Canada and ratifies provincial and national records. AIDA International ratifies world records.

For more information, contact us !

All the best for the new year!

The AIDA Canada Board

AIDA Canada’s 2013 AGM

Saturday October 19, 2013

After last year’s Annual General Assembly held via video conferencing with Canadian freedivers in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Europe, AIDA Canada does it again! For its 4th anniversary, AIDA Canada gathered a dozen members around the world ready to discuss, debate and brainstorm their past roadmap and their upcoming calendar year.

Many thanks to all of the members who participated, voted, shared with their peers what freediving in Canada means to them. We hope to see many of the discussions continue on our forums. For members who were unable to attend, the minutes will be posted on the forum. Please take a look and feel free to comment.

Team Canada in Kalamata

Kalamata, Greece – September 15-22, 2013

Team Canada cheering for their Japanese peers. From left to right, Guillaume Filion, Natalie Doduc and Marc-André Tratch - Photo by Ishida

The depth individual world championships are currently taking place in Kalamata, Greece. Quebec freedivers Guillaume Filion and Marc-André Tratch along with expat Natalie Doduc are representing Canada at the largest international freediving event held in open water this year.

After two of the three depth competition days, AIDA Canada is happy to report that Team Captain Natalie reached 50 meters in constant weight (CWT), Guillaume who is participating to freediving world championships for the first time dove to 42 meters in constant weight without fins (CNF) and Marc-André broke a new Provincial record with 55 meters in the same discipline (CNF).

The last day of competition will offer the opportunity to our three athletes to explore their potential in free immersion (FIM).

Congratulations to them and good luck for the rest of the competition !

145 meters World Record for William Winram

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt – September 3, 2013

William Winram set a new world record on Tuesday September 3, by diving 145 meters in variable weight, taking a weighted sled down and monofinning back to the surface. The record was broken during a special world record attempt week organized by Freediving World Apnea Center, located in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

It's time to celebrate ! Photo Alice Cattaneo

Winram’s total dive time was 3 minutes and 8 seconds. He easily completed his surface protocol to judges Grant Graves (USA) and Pim Vermeulen (NED) in less than 3 seconds.

By achieving 145 meters, Winram broke the former record by 3 meters. Multiple World record holder Austrian freediving legend Herbert Nitsch had reached the depth of 142 meters on December 7, 2009 in Deans Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas.

“I have struggled with equalization since the beginning of my career in 2005”, says Winram, “and it’s only for the past two years after working with Andrea Zuccari that I have been able to overcome that issue. With the world record today, I am very happy to have achieved this personal goal but I am most happy about the road I travelled to get here.”

William as he is about to start his descent to 145 meters - Photo Alice Cattaneo

AIDA Canada members Natalie Doduc and Søren Frederiksen were also present to add their safety skills to the team on location. They are well experienced and had already witnessed Winram’s last world record, this past May in Roatàn, Honduras. You can read more about the Variable Weight dive on the Enjoy Freediving website.

William Winram is not only an accomplished competitive freediver who has medaled at the world championships and broken world records, he is also involved in ocean conservation, particularly shark conservation. Recently named Ocean Ambassador for the Global Marine and Polar Programme of the IUCN, he is hoping this record will help him bring more media attention to the plight of these endangered apex predators.

He will be leaving Sharm el Sheikh in a few days to attend the GSCA (Giant Screen Cinema Association) International Conference and Trade Show in Ottawa, where he will be promoting the recently released Great White Shark 3D, an IMAX film featuring Winram and colleague Fred Buyle.

William Winram is a founding member of AIDA Canada, the Canadian national representation of the freediving international federation AIDA (Association internationale pour le développement de l’apnée), registered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“William has become a mentor to not only many Canadians but many people around the world. Freediving and Ocean Conservation are just a couple of his passions that he excels at. He is truly someone we can all be proud to know represents Canada at the highest level. I would like to take this opportunity to send him congratulation from all Canadians.”

On a personal note I have been a longtime friend of William’s and I knew it was only a matter of time before William would set a World Record.

Congratulation William!”

Doug Sitter
Vice President AIDA Canada

145 m – 476 feet

For those wondering what it would look like to look down into the water 145 m check out this Youtube video of the 70m tall rollercoaster ride at Canada’s Wonderland Theme Park called the Behemoth. Just picture in your mind that William’s depth as you go over the rollercoasters first drop is twice as deep as this drop is high.

4th Quebec Depth Challenge

4th Quebec Depth Challenge

Saturday August 10 and Sunday August 11, 2013, CASM (Club d’Apnée Sportive de Montréal) will be hosting its 4th Depth Challenge in Flintkote Quarry, Thetford Mines, Province of Quebec.

This year, participating athletes will not only be able to dive in the depth discipline of their choice (Free Immersion, Constant Weight and Constant Weight without Fins) over the two days of this competition, they will also have a chance to visit the underwater exhibit event organized by AQUART, courtesy of CASM and CASQ, the latest AIDA Canada club. Do not miss this event ! This will also be a great opportunity for volunteers to get involved as they will access the exhibition AQUART for free.

This competition will be sanctioned by AIDA Canada and is the AIDA Canada Depth National Championships. Open to all competitors from all nations, only performances from Canadian athletes will appear in the national ranking.

For more information about the competition and to register, please visit CASM.

To secure your spot, make sure to register before August 9, 2013. First come, first served.